Haiwell Text Display

  • ModelSpecificationDimension WxHxD
    TP300Text display, 4.3"STN Blue LCD display, 192 × 64 Pixel resolution



    ✪ Haiwell Text Display User Manual

    Text Display Features

    ● The windows are made with the editor TP300 on PC. Text including Chinese characters can be input and the PLC address can be set. The windows are downloaded with serial port
    ● The PLC communication protocols are downloaded to the TP300 with the data of the windows, so the engineer needn’t program of communication.
    ● It can work with most popular PLC, including SIEMENS, Mitsubishi, OMRON, Schneider,FACON, LG, Delta, AB ,SAIA and etc. It supports some general protocols like Modbus RTU, Free communication and ECOSTEP protocol applied in KINCO servo motor driver.
    ● Password protecting function.
    ● Alarm List function. The current alarm information is displayed one by one.
    ● Optional clock module is available. They can provide a real-time clock.
    ● 19 keys, can be defined as function keys,there is a keyboard for numeric input. The manipulation is simple. Some of the mechanic buttons on the controlling cabinet can be substituted with them.
    ● Various communication modes can be selected. Any of RS232 and RS485  is OK.
    ● STN LCD with background lights. 4 rows (24 English or 12 Chinese characters in every row) of characters can be displayed at the same time.
    ● The front panel of the TP300 accords with IP65 standard. It is water-proof and oil-proof.



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